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Cyberpunk 2077: Beautifully Bugged

Screenshot of Night City

A video game which made headlines mostly for it bugs, yet in the video game industry this is nothing new. People seem fairly quick to forget about shit show of video games like...

Final Fantasy: Nothing Final About It

Screenshot of Final Fantasy XV

Well that’s not necessarily true if you consider death final. Cause you know that is a recurring theme. Regardless if the rumors are true...

Mass Effect Andromeda: The Game That Plagiarized Itself

Screenshot of Heleus Cluster

As a fan of the original mass effect series, including its Neapolitan ice cream ending, admitting I’m biased is a bit obvious. Regardless, I’ll keep this review as constructive...

Let's Ticker With JavaScript (Tic-Tac-Toe Game)

Screenshot of JavaScript code

I personally love tinkering with JavaScript, but it does have a bad rap sheet. Regardless...

Labels Don’t Belong In Mental Health Discussion

Icon of two speech bubbles

Each day, whether inside or outside of Canada, we can see stories of how mental health is becoming a growing issue. According to our constantly changing statistics, one in five Canadians has mental health issues. Maybe I'm one of few...

 Take Hold of Interview Jitters 

Kody standing at end of a long road

The common advice for job interviews goes something like this have eye contact with an firm hand shake, know the...